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Professional Captians and managment

Captain Services

Professional delivery of yachts to designated owner locations. We provide expert boat handling skills, weather monitoring, safe navigation skills, logistics management, route planning, and crew coordination to ensure a safe and efficient passage.


We also provide a seamless transition for full-time captains to step away from their program for relief.


We ensure compliance with international maritime regulations and standards to guarantee the safety of passengers, crew, and the vessel.

Refit Consulting/Management

Yard period consulting

Nomad Maritime has vast and extensive knowledge based on training and decades of trade experience, thereby providing expert consultation and management of whatever your vessel refit requires, whether it's structural or systems/mechanical upgrades, or the updating of the general function and appearance of your vessel.

We collaborate closely with yacht owners to assess and plan refit work, ensuring that the vessel meets your specific needs and preferences.

We coordinate with shipyards, contractors, and craftsmen to oversee the execution of refit projects, including structural, mechanical, systems, and aesthetic enhancements.

We manage the comprehensive refits of yachts, overseeing all aspects from initial planning and budgeting to execution, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

And we conduct post-yard inspections to guarantee that all work meets the highest standards and that the yacht is in optimal condition.

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